The association

Our business is a member of the German Association for the Pawn Credit Industry.

This association provides transparency in the maintenance of the legal requirements applicable for pawnbrokers with guidelines and provisions, and also ensures that general terms and conditions are the same across its members. In other words, pawn credit recipients are better protected in a member business of the association than with a non-member pawnbroker or private money lender.
In the recent past, the commercial interest in gold purchasing has risen rapidly.
Customers are informing us more and more frequently of inconsistencies in consultations with gold purchasers.
We would like to urgently advise customers wishing to obtain a loan for a deposit against being convinced to sell their items, even if there are buy-back options.
Pawn credit on the other hand often offers comparable prospects for overcoming tight financial situations, and keeps your property.
Don’t shy away from doing a comparison and ask for an offer from a pawnbroker near you.